With your help, we have their back.


On Saturday night December 11th, a great tragedy shook the Jewish Nation. On her way back from a summer camp reunion shabbaton, Liel Dina Namdar ob”m was tragically taken from this world at the tender age of 15 by a drunk driver.

As her family and friends had to deal with this devastating news, stories about her public and private acts of kindness came to light. Everyone always knew she was special, but her incredible acts revealed just how powerfully inspiring she truly was. She affected many in her brief time in this world and continues to do so after her passing.

While My Soldier is a public organization, we felt that our close relationship with the Namdar family behooved us to show our part in commemorating this great neshama. With the permission and blessing of the Namdar Family, we have decided to donate a New Sefer Torah to the IDF in her memory.

There are hundreds of IDF bases located throughout Israel. Almost every base has a Synagogue to be used by the soldiers. However, as time passes, the Sefer Torahs get worn and used and have to be replaced. My Soldier is one of the few organizations approved by the Ministry of Defense to replace and provide new Sefer Torahs to the bases.

The Torah will be used by the family until the end of the first year of Liel's passing, after which it will be taken to its final location to be used by the brave young soldiers. Please join us in our mission to remember Liel Dina and eternalize her memory. The Torah dedication will be held in the summer alongside the members of Camp Sternberg in Upstate New York.


Special blessing from the son of Harav Ovadiah Yosef, ob"m